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Bridle Ridge Estates

Three simple steps for new residents / lot owners

Brown water drop

2. Choose an electronic payment method to use.

Blue water drop

3. Follow the instructions for account setup to create an account on the Customer Portal.

Rates and fees

(effective August 1, 2023)

Monthly Water Rates*: (Connected to the water system)

Base Rate = $100.00

0 – 10,000 gallons = $100.00 (base rate)

10,001 gallons – 20,000 gallons = $7.50 per 1,000 gallons

20,001 gallons and up = $25 per 1,000 gallons

*We will be charging by the gallon at rates listed above. (industry standard)

Homeowners Association Fee = $25.00 per month

New Resident Admin Fee = $100 (one-time charge upon occupancy; non-refundable)

New Construction Water Meter Fee = email for current pricing (one-time charge)

Water meters are read remotely on the first of each month and billing for the prior month will be emailed the 2nd – 5th of each month. (e.g. January water usage/base fees are invoiced in February).

Payments are due by 25th of each month or a late fee of $15 will be assessed.

Home/Lot sales and transfers: Email

Note: Bills will not be prorated. Whoever owns the home at noon on the 15th of the month is responsible for that month’s bill.

Your email bill will come from Please add this email to your contacts.